Version 1.2


To gain putting confidence, while practicing in a competitive, tournament style format from a 10 meter circle around the basket.


1 DIsc Golf Basket with a 10 meter(32.8 ft.) circle painted around the basket.

2 Putters per player.

1 Deck of Cards.

Pencil and Paper for Score keeping.


1. Obtain a head count of all players wanting to partake in the game.

2.Use the deck of cards, and pull out the coordinating cards. i.e. all of the aces, kings, queens, ect. for each person playing. 

Ex. 9 Players. pull put and use 4 Aces, 4 Kings, 1 Wild Card, for the players to select from.

***If there is an ODD number of players***

>ODD man will get a 1st Round bye and will be asked to keep score for the 1st round< (this player automatically advances to the 2nd round winners bracket)

  1. Using the deck of cards, each player will select his or hers own card to see whom will play one another. i.e. Player “A” pulls a Ace of Hearts, he will play the player who pulls the Ace of Diamonds. Player “B” pulls a Queen of Spades, he will play the player who pulls the Queen of Clubs.
  2. Each pair of players will play until a player reaches 12 points.
  3. At the end of each Round, the Winner from each pair of players moves on to the Second Round, Third Round, ect. until the final 2 players meet up for the Final Round.
  4. The same process used to select who plays who for the 1st Round, will be used to decide who will play one another for the following Rounds. 
  5. The format will be, WINNER TAKE ALL, to the victor. 
  6. Each pair of players will play with the same 2 Putters/Discs for an entire game. You may NOT change your Discs until the end of a game. If you wish to change your discs, you MAY change them in-between games during a Round, but ONLY after that game is complete.
  7. Each player MUST throw from the Circles edge, 10M (32.8 ft.). 
  8. Each pair of players MUST throw from the Circles edge, but not necessarily from the same spot. 
  9. Each game is played to 12 points.
  10. 1 made putt = 1 point. Both made putts = 3 points.
  11. After both putts are thrown, player holds his/her hand up with his score until his name is called by the scorekeeper. (either 1 finger, or 3)
  12. This “PUTTIN GAME” is done is a “Tournament” style, with a “Bracket” format.
  13. In each respected “Bracket,” each pair will be determined by the “Random Draw” technique using the Deck of cards.




Meaning, there will be an initial “All In” Bracket. The winners from that bracket will move to a “Winner                  Bracket” and the rest to a “Losers Bracket”. This allows for awards to be given to 2 players per League Match.

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